Gender office is striving to contribute to women’s protection as well as their rights, to promote their active participation in the peace building process in the DR Congo, as well as to encourage the incorporation of the gender issue at every level and area with a view to attaining equality between men and women.

The resolution "stresses the urgency of, and calls for, DRC Gender Office was established in March 2002 following recommendations contained in UN Security Council Resolution 1325. The resolution stresses the urgency of incorporating a gender-based approach into peacekeeping operations and adopting a gender equality approach during negotiations and when implementing peace agreements.


    • To guarantee the incorporation of a gender perspective into MONUC’s rules and operations
    • To ensure the link between female civil society organizations and governmental institutions in order to guarantee active participation of women in the peace process as well as in the post conflict and reconstruction contexts
    • To encourage researches and surveys with a view to guiding MONUC strategies more effectively
    • To promote communication and sensitization activities in respect of the gender issue inside and outside MONUC