MONUC rehabilitating two important buildings in Dungu

12 Jun 2010

MONUC rehabilitating two important buildings in Dungu

Dungu, 4 June 2010 - « The entire population is delighted with the remarkable support of MONUC who has now restored the state authority that had almost ceased to exist in Dungu" said the president of the civil society after the renovation of the Territory administrative office, as promised by the SRSG Doss during his first visit in December 2008.

According to David Depkee, of the territorial administration (AT) "the office had been unrecognizable as such. Numerous strong thunderstorms had taken off great parts of the roof and what had been left of it had over time become a shelter for bats". Akunba Guyo, secretary of the AT, already observed that "the population now comes more often to the office, which is very satisfying".

At a cost of 22.000 USD the renovation was done through MONUC's QIPs section. The work mainly consisted of replacing the roof and floors and was carried out by the Indonesian contingent.

Also financed through MONUC's QUIP initiative, a market in Baokandi a district of Dungu is now helping people to protect themselves against bad weather and allows them to sell their products under the best of conditions. Previously produce was often lying in the dirt and sold under very unhygenical conditions." said M. Sambia.

"The project will also allow the population to better appreciate MONUC's presence" he added. The 14.000 USD necessary for the realization of the project were given to the local NGO Belle Case Construct that carried out the construction.

The market comprises three pavilions stretched out over 15.000 meters square each, providing room for 24 arrays. The head of the AT is convinced that this project will boost the economy in the area: "Due to the road from Dungu to Faradje, currently being repaired by MONUC, the market will soon welcome goods and sellers, which will raise our tax revenues for the local development".

Identified by MONUC as a priority project and supported by local authorities, the market which currently lacks flooring for one pavilion and will soon be at the population's disposal.