MONUC's first repatriation operation of Burundian ex-combatants

22 Dec 2008

MONUC's first repatriation operation of Burundian ex-combatants

29 dec. 03 | Yulu Kabamba

On 28 December 2003, MONUC repatriated 151 Burundian ex-combatants and 10 dependants to their country of origin. Those Burundian ex-combatants belonging to the FDD and the FLN were gradually cantoned during the last eleven months, since February 2003, at MONUC?s transit center at Adi Kivu, situated 30km north of Bukavu.

MONUC took those Burundian ex-combatants to the Gatumba refugees? center in Burundian territory where the National Commission for the Rehabilitation of the Disasters Victims took care of them before taking them to their home districts today, 29 December 2003.

MONUC welcomes this first voluntary repatriation operation of the Burundian ex--combatants and the full collaboration of the Burundian government.

MONUC hopes that similar operations will be conducted shortly to culminate in the repatriation of all the Burundian combatants, estimated at a few hundreds, still in the DR Congo territory.